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Maid Cleaning Job

Job Duties:  Services workers clean work areas of homes, depending on the particular job. Regular duties include meticulously cleaning each room, changing sheets, making the bed, emptying trash receptacles, dusting and polishing around rooms, and sweeping or vacuuming floors. .  Just a few of the important duties carried out by cleaners. While some cleaners labor in one home exclusively on a long-term basis, some workers experience new environments and must adapt to efficiently fulfill required duties.

Requirements: Housekeeping employees should possess thorough and high standards of cleanliness. Candidates also need stamina, as standing, bending, and crouching for extended periods of time constitute much of the work. Employees may work late hours, often after businesses close for the day. As training occurs on the job, no educational requirements exist. Positions generally qualify as completely entry-level and appeal to applicants with no former work history, though relevant previous experience may further improve job prospects.

Pay:  Cleaners will earn $13.00 per hour.


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